Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Evaluative Response Assignment

Updated. By November 21st craft your own evaluation of one of the critiques of Charles Darwin's writings presented in the course and send it by e-mail to

Your e-mail will thus appear as a post to the main course blog, and will be a contribution to its quality.

Your evaluative response should be five hundred words, give or take, and be engaging, scholarly, and balance a strong personal voice with an ear for a wider audience.
To adopt a jargon from Business, you should take a vertically-integrated approach to your post. Take a very narrow band of the full spectrum of primary material that we are studying, and present a vision that is bright and sharply-focused. Some piece of the material critiquing Darwin will stick in your mind, and use your thoughts to evaluate that one particularity and start out with some brief notes--in an email message pane, say--and save them while your ideas solidify, and then work them up in odd moments here and there, until you arrive at a firm and well-written evaluative post. And just email that off to the address given.
The Lecturer will provide a written analysis and letter grade of the quality of your insight, argument and writing to you in class.

Send your post any day before the deadline: use the exigencies of your own schedule and your preference for analysis of your abilities and progress in the course as your guide.

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