Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mid-Term Creative Evaluation Essay

For the Mid-Term Essay write between four and five Times New Roman 12-point font double-spaced pages in length evaluating the applicability of either the E.O. Wilson or the Alexander Pope class handout to an understanding of the primary course material, in light of seminar discussion.

You are, in other words, being asked to demonstrate your ability to synthesise primary scholarly material, secondary scholarly material and scholarly discussion.

So for instance you might take a classfellow's seminar contribution as a thesis or a unifying thread to evaluate how a particular section of Swift's "Voyage to Laputa" chapter in Gulliver's Travels constructively satirises E.O. Wilson's essay "Intelligent Evolution."

This assignment has a creative option. If you wish to exercise your creative faculties to create an alternative to an academic essay--a documentary, a literary homage in the mode of one of the course authors, a musical score, a canvas--then follow the instructions for proposing a creative alterative found on the Pertinent & Impertinent links list on the course website.

The assignment is due in hard copy in lecture on October 21st.

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