Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Class Compendium Project

The design of his project is to create a lasting on-line contribution to the scholarly understanding of Darwinism, within a Humanities framework. In effect we will blog the course: posting commentary, queries, answers, serendipities, challenges and the like in our seminar time.

Concretely, the class will divide into groups of seven members and each group will have their separate blog stream, linked prominently from the main course blog. The groups will be divided according to their position on the Darwinian subject at start of Term, thus providing through their blog a record of their evolving stance vis-à-vis Darwinism in its intellectual, biological, political, social, economic, moral, historical, cultural, religious, and other context.

A one or two page written overview of each Group's designs and focus is due in class on September 23rd. (A "How To" on writing simple outline is available online at the links list to the right.)

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