Monday, November 8, 2010

G.K. Chesterton: the "Missing" Sections

The two short sections that complete Orthodoxy are on-line here:
  1. The Man in the Cave
  2. Professors and Prehistoric Men
They are delightfully short and delightfully interesting. I am confident that you will never forget them.

Arts & Letters Daily this past weekend presented the following teaser:
Of course, we should love, honor and cherish our species, says Mary Midgley. But do we have to worship it as well?... more»
The link is to short article in ("Ideas for Godless People") by the venerable and rather intimidating philosopher and writer Mary Midgely. Well worth our time in an upcoming seminar, I believe that you will find.

And a note to remind you to bring your Back to Methuselah to the November 18th class. We will now witness the Darwinist problem acted on the stage....

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